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Atopic dermatitis, also referred to as eczema, is a chronic skin condition characterized by itchy and inflamed skin rashes. It can occur at any age, though it is more common in children. Atopic dermatitis / eczema can sometimes be seen in patients who also suffer from hay fever or asthma and may cause flare ups during the year. Rashes can appear anywhere, but typically found on arms and behind knees. Mild cases of Eczema / Atopic Dermatitis can be treated by avoiding triggers such as harsh soaps and other irritants as well as topical creams and ointments which can help strengthen the skin barrier and decrease itching. Moderate cases of Atopic Dermatitis sometimes respond to topical prescriptions of corticosteroids, as well as non-steroidal prescription medications. When these treatments are not effective, newer and more effective treatments have become available for Moderate to Severe cases of Eczema / Atopic Dermatitis. They are classified as “biologic therapy” and are targeted treatments for qualified patients.

Paid Eczema Treatment Trials in Sherman Oaks, California

Atopic dermatitis, which is also called eczema, is a common skin condition. Those who suffer from eczema often experience stress, frustration and embarrassment in the form of financial, emotional, social and other issues. However, there are eczema paid studies near you at Unison Clinical Trials that can provide the latest innovative investigational drugs for eczema.

How Is Eczema Diagnosed?

Atopic dermatitis/eczema can be diagnosed in several ways. Commonly, the diagnosis is based on the appearance and distribution of red, scaly, and/or bumpy patches that are usually found inside of the elbows and/or behind the knees. These patients often have other associated conditions such as hay fever or asthma. Sometimes a skin biopsy is necessary to distinguish eczema from similar skin conditions (for example, psoriasis). People with eczema usually have flare-ups depending on the weather and season.

At-Home Treatment Options for Eczema

A mild case of eczema may be treated successfully at home. Some treatment strategies include avoiding harsh soaps, irritants and other ingredients that can trigger flare-ups.

Supporting and strengthening skin with topical creams and ointments is also recommended for those wanting to improve symptoms of mild eczema such as itching or burning.

Moderate to severe atopic dermatitis may respond to topical steroid creams, as well as other prescription medications. However, eczema can also be a very persistent condition that won’t adequately respond to these common and readily available treatments.

Biological Therapy - A Targeted Eczema Treatment

When available atopic dermatitis treatments are ineffective, slightly more effective treatments exist but have a significant risk of side effects. Biological therapy is the newest form of treatment, which promises effective control of eczema with significantly less potential for side effects. Currently, there is only one biological therapy that is FDA approved but there are multiple alternatives that are under investigation. Unison Clinical Trials is at the cutting edge and working with the pharmaceutical companies and FDA to help these new, exciting treatments become available. At Unison, qualifying individuals can play an important role in this process via paid clinical trials.

Qualifying for a Unison Eczema Study Near You

If you're interested in participating in our current or upcoming clinical trials for moderate to severe eczema, the first step is to join our patient database. Our team will then contact you to schedule a consultation. If you meet the eligibility criteria for our research study, you can participate in the advancement of treatment options for eczema and potentially reap the benefits of this new therapy.


After You Qualify

Once you qualify for any of our clinical trials such as eczema, you’ll play a crucial role in helping to assess the long-term safety and effectiveness of new and innovative medications. You’ll also benefit from free screenings and testing at no cost, even if you don’t have health insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How common is eczema?
A: Eczema is very common. Eczema can occur at any age, though it is more common in children.

Q: What is biological therapy?
A: Biological therapy is designed to fight disease and infection by stimulating or redirecting your immune system to avoid the responses that lead to the development of Eczema.

Q: How can Unison pay their eczema clinical trial participants?
A: Unison Clinical Trials provides reimbursement to candidates who qualify for any given trial to compensate them for their time and travel to the clinic for each visit. Payments usually vary depending on the length of required visits and are provided by each sponsoring company.

Q: Can my doctor refer me to your clinical trials for eczema?
A: Absolutely; physicians can submit your information via our physician referral portal.

Q: What are the benefits of participating in an eczema clinical trial with Unison?
A: Participating in a Unison clinical trial means you’ll receive top-quality care from a professional team with extensive experience in the treatment for atopic dermatitis. You will also get a thorough evaluation of your overall health with blood work, physical exam, ECG, and other potentially required testing. We pride ourselves in caring for all our patients in a holistic manner and go above and beyond by helping to manage other medical issues patients may have while participating in one of our clinical trials. At Unison we also help p any needed medical testing.whose clinical trials are monitored by several national organizations like the FDA.

Q: Do I need medical insurance or anything else to participate in or get paid for your eczema clinical study?
A: Not at all. You also do not need any citizenship or residency documentation to participate in or be paid for our clinical trials.

About Unison Eczema Trials

Unison Clinical Trials is led by Dr. Jacobs, a board-certified and award-winning physician in the implementation of clinical trials. We are dedicated to providing the most advanced and innovative medical treatments, and make the comfort and safety of every clinical trial participant our top priority. We strive to accommodate each patient by providing a private and comfortable environment and flexible appointment times including weekends if needed.

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team members have the extensive certification and years of experience necessary for conducting clinical trials. The purpose of this study is to assess the safety, tolerability and efficacy of new drug treatment for eczema. The objective of this study is to conduct real-world clinical research that benefits medical science with the end goal of benefiting all patients who suffer from Eczema.

Our welcoming and high-tech research facility allows for the safe monitoring, on-site testing and health protection of all our study participants.

If you suffer from atopic dermatitis / eczema that has not responded adequately to other forms of treatment, you may qualify for our clinical trials. Submit your information to our patient database, or review our study descriptions.

Are you Eligible?

If you're interested in participating in one of our upcoming clinical trials, please join our patient database today. After reviewing your information, we will contact you to schedule a consultation if you qualify for a study.

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